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Dedicated to You.

Strong like a tree, powerful as the ocean. Not present through words, you were quiet, but so present just through your presence. Like the trees we look up to and feel protected and guided. Like the ocean we look at and feel grounded and calm.

This collection is my deepest and boldest so far, full of emotions and came right out of my heart. I was making plans, preparing for a big exhibition in Lisbon, having loads of time until the show. But then life happened, my father suddenly passed away. I entered a phase of grief and felt totally unmotivated to do anything. On the other hand I felt I "need" to work to be able to prepare the exhibition. Of course, that didn't work. After realising that and giving myself the time I needed, I naturally started painting, and by that time it felt like a cure. In this process a very strong feeling of "grounding" came up in me. Grounding, that was always the energy around my father. Giving me a grounded feeling like a tree, like the ocean, like a rock. 

This collection is dedicated to my father, and to all fathers out there in this world, for being our tree, our ocean, our rock. What lasts forever, is the love. 

Thank you for giving me my life, thank you for your being, you did everything right. I love you.

As with all of my works I resonate with the energy of the ocean and the nature, and with this collection it were all the subtle elements, the hidden elements, like the stone hidden under the sand, the roots of the tree hidden under the soil, but showing its beauty in the strong presence above the soil. Transferring this to my paintings by using layers of colours below layers of texture medium. Black as the colour of the stones which are hidden under the sand on the beach, green as the colour of the trees, which can show their beauty only through their strong roots hidden under the soil. A glimpse of blue, like the ocean kissing the shore and melting into the sand. The colour ocker, which is like the big cliffs, appearing like guardians of the sea.

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