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Ida Hanno is a visual artist originally from Germany, who lives and works in Ericeira, Portugal.


She is profoundly moved by the ocean’s timeless rhythm and the whispers of nature’s symphony, reflecting this energy through shapes, textures and colors. Mainly using acrylics, she also works with mineral elements like sand, water or clay, embodying her deep connection with nature.


Through her artistry, she infuses the very soul of creation into canvas or clay, showcasing the wonders of nature as the art of perfect imperfection.


Her work is recognizable for holding the energy of the nature surrounding her; each piece being an imprint of mother nature, her forever muse.


“I believe that art has a unique ability to carry energy, and with this, being able to infuse a space with its timeless essence as an ode to the tranquility and serenity of nature.”


/ 2023 September / Exhibition "Perspectives"

Xuventude de Galicia - Centro Galego de Lisboa, Portugal

/ 2023 August / Group Exhibition "Sea, Sand and Soul: Modern Expressions in Ericeira."

Centro de Artes / Ericeira, Portugal

/ 2023 June / The ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 2.0

Basel, Switzerland


/ 2023 April / The ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 2.0

NYC Artexpo Manhattan / New York, USA

/ 2023 January / Group Exhibition "Mundo Paralelo"

Arca Gallery - Art Gallery THE ONE / Lisbon, Portugal

/ 2022 July / Group Exhibition "Ocean Art"

Surf Film Festival Casa de Cultura / Ericeira, Portugal

/ 2022 June / Group Exhibition "Arte en Rede"

Museo del Mar Santa Pola/ Alicante, Spain

/2022 - Today / Solo Exhibition

Terço do Meio / Ericeira, Portugal

/ 2021 August / Group Exhibition "Ocean Art"

Surf Film Festival Casa de Cultura / Ericeira, Portugal


/ 2021 - Today / Solo Exhibition

Mar das Latas / Ericeira, Portugal

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