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From Sunrises and Sunsets

This collection is all about light. About beginnings, about endings, about in betweens; finding magic in all of it. Observing, how the night turns into the day and how the day turns into the night and how everything is melting into each other. From a light glow and pastel tones in the sky rising above the sea. To its power during the day showing off in the same powerful colors. To the golden hour and the colder turning evenings with a light disappearing into the ocean and with this into the night. Honoring something, which is nearly self-evident.

This collection is deeply inspired by every sunrise and sunset I was grateful to witness either at my home in Ericeira, Portugal and also on the Costa de la Luz in Spain, where I went to a trip in October last year. Costa de la Luz - the name says it all – you will always be in my heart.

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