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The Farmhouse Collection

"My paintings are not what I obviously see, it’s the energy I feel."  Last year I made a trip to the beautiful Douro Valley in the North of Portugal. I thought about to get inspired by the rich colours of autumn of the grapevines. The typical red and yellow colours of the leaves creating a special scenery in October. I was impressed by the beauty of this area. Such a "visible" beauty. But it wasn't this, what inspired me, it was the little guesthouse we stayed for a few days. This guesthouse was filled with such an intense energy of calmness. It was the interaction between a very light, spacious, tasteful and minimalist interior design of the house itself and the energy of the owner, Maria, who was so calm, soothing and welcoming. It was exactly that energy which inspired me so much for this series, even when obviously you see the beach in the paintings. Thank you "A Padaria Farmhouse" for such a great inspiration!                                                              

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